how to not give up on saving a life – part one

Mass Effect is one of the best video game series ever, in my opinion. The story telling is phenomenal, the combat is fun, and the universe is so amazing that you want to live in it. I was only introduced to it a few months ago, but I’ve already put 200+ or so hours across the whole trilogy. If you haven’t played this game before, go out and buy the first one now. Right now. You will become addicted.

As with all awesome series, there are writers who flock to it like moths to a candle. This isn’t a problem, usually – fanfiction allows writers to insert their own original characters into the universe, or expand on lore in the universe, or give more background on characters in the series. However, it’s shitty fanfiction writers that ruin stuff for you by being… well, shitty fanfic writers.

Today’s offering is called “how not to give up on saving a life” which makes me think it’s a reference to a Fray song.

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A refreshing take on what’s wrong with asian fanfics

I post my fics on asianfanfics – not out of any great love for the website, but because it has a huge readerbase, and I’m a bit of an attention seeker – I put my fics out there in a lot of places (ao3, aff, tumblr). And, when I went to clear out my notifications and something on the homepage caught my eye.

It’s a piece called “101 sins to commit in a kpop fanfiction” and I was enthralled. It’s not a fic so much as a satirical piece filled with every conceivable trope and stereotype that’s used in kpop fics. I laughed my ass off the whole way through, and even found that I was guilty of a sin (and I’m sure COTAnerd is too) – I refuse to admit which one! 

It was refreshing to see someone with a sense of humour on the front page (which, usually, is filled with mpreg/incest fics whenever I log on). Props to Scheherazade for being such an awesome good sport.

(also, I’ve got a new post in the works soon. I haven’t forgotten about you guys!)

Welcome, COTAnerd!

As you can see, I am really not very good at updating this damn website. It’s not that I don’t like writing for YWS, because I do. It’s mainly one of those things that I think “yes! I need to do this!” And then sit around on my ass watching Top Gear on Netflix instead.

So when I was approached by someone asking if they were taking on authors, I was a bit surprised. Not because I wasn’t open to the idea, but rather because I’d never considered it. I mean, it makes sense – original YWS was run by two people (Julesy and Brighty). But the thought had never crossed my mind. Besides, who would want to write for a crappy little blog that lingers in the nowheres of the internet? Well, someone does, and that someone is COTAnerd. I’ll let her introduce herself below!


Hello, everyone. I’m COTAnerd, the new author on this blog! :3 Let’s see, I’m a Taurus, I don’t really like long walks on the beach and one of my greatest hobbies is reading shitty fanfiction. Including my own. I started writing fanfiction as early as 5 or so on paper. Yup, I predate the days of children having easy access to computers. When I was 11, I discovered and began an irregular career of posting and then later deleting my own fanfics. And now I join the noble battle of fighting the army of Mary-Sues, the all-too coincidental plot points and crappy character development.

I hope you enjoy my articles.


So there we have it. Welcome, COTAnerd, to Your Writing Sucks! 😀

Oppar fell in love with me on Twitter

Hoooo boy I have a good one for you tonight. This story is titled “living with stars” (I actually like this title!).

How can you live in a dorm with an all boy group ??? Can you survive ??? Or could you just take the risk for the someone you love ???? compilation of stories of this lucky girls who had a chance to live with their favorite kpop idols! =))

This post will be informative as well as poking fun, so settle in for a wild ride…

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Still here

Exams are eating my life, I have no motivation to do anything but I do know about the existance of this blog and as soon as my exams are over (8 days) i will make a proper effort to post on a schedule.